Welcome. This blog is about the predication and understanding of ETIs, Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences. Given the existence of Earth civilization and the size of the universe, the likelihood of at least one ETI is undeniable. Science’s ability to understand, predict, and measure is lacking in this area. I will develop three models of ETI prediction, specifically ETI, UETI and UETI-ism.

I will derive a new model for predicting the number of ETIs, expanded in scope to include all ETIs in the universe in Calculating the Number of ETIs.

Next, an allegory about the current efforts at SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, and their lack of detection ability will be presented to illustrate why no ETIs have been observed in A SETI Allegory.

At the heart of my arguments is an ETI development model called UETI, Ultimate Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. It will be presented as a way to predict ETI behaviors in The UETI Model.

Finally, I will axiomatically define a religion called UETI-ism. This religion is in the spirit of Scientific Deism, a religion that does not violate scientific laws and principles in Definition of UETI-ism.

My blog is primarily made up of pages rather than posts and are best read from first to last. If you’d like to leave a comment please give me a day to approve it and possibly reply. By all means feel free to leave well thought out critical comments. Considering other points of view is the only way we increase our understanding.

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