On the Possibility of Heaven

Given Their technology, the UETI could build, populate, and maintain a deep-space habitat called Heaven.


Heaven: a deep space habitat populated by immortal beings

Mortal: beings who will die

Immortal: beings that will maintain a steam of consciousness until the end of the universe

Being: any type of human

God: the UETI


  • Build a deep space habitat with enough room to hold trillions of individuals.
  • Equip the habitat with billions of transporters, long-range replicators, and whole mind-body emulators.
  • Staff the habitat with existing immortals.
  • Using the long-range replicators, bring aboard a copy of mortals at the time future simulators say they will die.
  • Transition mortals to life as immortals in Heaven by putting them in a whole mind-body emulators while reconditioning the minds of the dead mortals.
  • Maintain the habitat by filtering all pathogens, including congenital defects, from mind-body emulators. This needs to be done before rehabilitating malevolent mortal humans into benevolent immortals.


  • A stable habitat that can last for billions of years in intergalactic space, away from stellar phenomenon.
  • All the resources needed for rehabilitating the malevolent humans that are brought aboard.
  • A place for immortal beings to mature until they are one with the UETI.

Why would the UETI do this?

God’s Mercy is the only answer. Because the UETI is fully human and therefore still capable of empathy it can identify with us even while acknowledging our primitive nature. ¬†Ultimately this costs the UETI almost nothing since it’s resources are virtually endless.