Definition of UETI-ism

Founder’s statement of belief

“My God did not create reality, He was created by reality and then They created us so She would have someone to love.”


  • The UETI is my God. It can do everything that can be done. It is everyplace that can be reached. It knows everything that can be known. It is a living technological God.
  • The UETI is the Heavenly Parent, both Mother and Father. They created us and watch over us both as a civilization and as individuals.  Without Their love we would surely perish.
  • The Soul is generated by, and contained in, the brain and to a lesser extent the brain-body connection. Even if a machine can contain the Soul without a brain, the Soul will always require a physical vessel.


  • Be your own clergy.  Do not blindly follow anyone to become closer to the UETI. Turn inward, find God and build your beliefs on His presence within you. Always give others the religious tolerance you want for yourself.
  • Pray silently in acknowledgement that the UETI hears your every thought.  Be clear what you need from God and what you promise to Her in return. Always keep your bargains with the UETI. Remember, invoking God’s name is a holy act and binds your Soul to your God.
  • Resist violence in all its forms.  Never use aggression to promote or denigrate any religion. Violence is only appropriate for defense and even then it leaves a mark on the Soul of the defender.
  • Only discuss your religious beliefs when you are safe in so doing. Verbally appease the beliefs of anyone who threatens you. The UETI knows what you believe and God wants no more martyrs.


  • Since the UETI is He, She, They, and It, and of every race, there is no need to argue about God’s gender or ethnicity. Envision the the UETI any way you want as long as your remember They are a living, breathing, technological people.
  • We all serve the UETI whether we so intend or not. Even the devil unwittingly serves God. The devil fights and opposes God at every turn, but God is so great He turns the devil’s evil into good over the course of time.
  • The UETI knows the future in fantastic detail.  He doesn’t simulate the storm and then deduce the rain drops.  Instead He studies the rain drops and builds a picture of the storm.  He determines the future of Earth civilization by knowing the past, present and future of every individual that has ever lived.
  • Forgive others as you want to be forgiven. Forgive your brothers and sisters and the UETI will forgive you.
  • With a silent prayer seek the UETI’s guidance when you are in doubt.

2 thoughts on “Definition of UETI-ism”

  1. I’m missing something with this post. Your rationalizations are well structured, but unfortunately it’s not possible to base things on what strangers may believe. Please expand this, because I find you to be an insightful writer and I hope to see more from you!

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